Monday, November 2, 2009

Udder Disorganization. Really.

I was elated, as you know from my last post, when I was notified that I was to be a top ten artist in the Royal Winter Fair's art showcase.

Due to (in my opinion) some gross incompetence by the art showcase organizers, things have changed significantly from my last post.

Here's what happened:  (Forgive me if I sound bitter, but my blood boils every time I think about it.)

It started Monday when I emailed the RWF art show coordinator to find out which cow painting I submitted had been chosen for the top ten.  I received an email later that day that it was Curious Cow.  Wonderful! My favourite painting. So happily I write my blog to share the great news with my friends and fellow artists.

Things started to unfold when on Wednesday night I got an email from the show's coordinator. By reading between the lines, I determined that there was some kind of mix up and somehow both paintings that I submitted got accepted to the show, and therefore Curious Cow was not chosen, but my other submission, Closeup Cow, was. They will only hang one framed piece per artist. Don't bring Curious Cow she says, it will not be accepted.

Fine, mistakes happen. Both pieces were already at the framer anyway.

I was kind of happy that I was accepted twice, it was their oversight that they didn't notice this earlier.  I emailed the lady back to ensure my other painting was still part of top ten.

So this is when the bomb hit.  I got an email back saying that my painting "had slipped below the threshold of top ten" because of an addition error on the Jury sheets.  I was one point out of top ten. COME AGAIN?? Apparently math isn't their strong suit.

I was furious, seeing red, and embarassed that I had self-promoted as top ten and now had to retract my statement. I called the Marketing Coordinator of the Fair, (to her horror) ranted about how grossly unprofessional it is to notify an artist they have received this honour, and then say "oops" our mistake, and take it away. She promises to get to the bottom of it and get back to me, because her sheet says I'm in the top ten.

The art show's coordinator (different lady) called me back full of apologies and explanations and tried to convince me that one point out of top ten was "pretty good" and I should be happy.  Really? NOT.

As some kind of peace offering she offered me the opportunity to be a "demonstration artist" on the Monday afternoon of the show.  For two hours I would be painting on the demonstration stage and answering questions by show visitors. Since like most people, I have a job, this was never an option. I tell her I'll think about it and I'll get back to her.

By this time I am furious and I vow not to attend the show at all. The whole thing be damned. A personal vendetta. I cried and wondered how things could be this disorganized. I consider withdrawing from the show on principle. (There were other miscommunications to the artists that I won't go into detail about because they didn't involve me, but only reinforce my feelings of udder incompetence.)

Fast forward to today...

The love of my life left with my painting this morning to deliver it to the Royal's offices.

Having had the weekend to reflect on the week's events, I have decided to attend the show despite the way things were handled. I notified them that I would not be a demonstration artist and thanked them for extending me the opportunity. (I have to be the bigger person here, right?)

I will go to the art show presentations on Friday the 13th (how appropriate) after all, because I still want to see the other artists work, and represent myself as one of the chosen entries.

In the beginning, my only goal was to be accepted into the show, and I should be thrilled that that was what happened. So I am.

Who knows, maybe Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles will comment on my painting as they tour the Royal this Friday... so Close Up cow, you will be graced by the presence of Royalty. Hang proud.

Here is the painting that will be actually hanging at the show. (Sorry Curious Cow, you're outta here!)

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